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Agro Products



You can source all grades of wheat be it Durum, Hard Red Winter, Hard Red Spring, Soft Red Winter, Soft White, Hard White. We can provide directly from the farm in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, etc.



All Types

We can supply you with both hulled & pearl barley directly fresh from Ukraine, Russia, Germany, France, etc.




We deal in all grades of Soybeans which we directly source from the farms of Brazil, US, Argentina, Ukraine, etc. round the year.


Sunflower Seed

For Oil Crushing

You can source all grades & types of Sunflower seeds be it linoleic (most common), high oleic, or sunflower oil seeds. We can provide directly from the farm in Russia, Ukraine, and Argentina.



Crude or Refined

All types comes under ICUMSA be it fine Crystal Sugar, Big Granulated sugar, Extra Fine Crystal Sugar, Sugar Powder, Fine Crystal Sugar, Raw Sugar we can supply from Brazil, Thailand, Mexico, India, etc



White and Yellow

We supply both white & yellow NonGMO or GMO from different countries like Ukraine, Brazil, China, Africa throughout the year based on your requirements.


Soybean Oil

Crude and Refined

You can source all grades of both crude and refined Soybean oil into all SKUs from our associate manufacturers from Brazil, Argentina, US, etc., on regular basis.


Sunflower Oil

Crude or Refined

You can directly source fresh from our associate Refinery in Ukraine, Russia, Argentina, Turkey in your label or flexitanks.

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Crude and Refined

We can supply both crude or refined CPO/Palm/Vegetable oil directly from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, etc. on monthly basis.

palm oil.jpg

Chemical Products

Supplying Directly From Manufacturers

Citric Acid Monohydrate

CAS No: 5949-29-1

We are direct sourcine from our associate in China, India & Turkey.

Citric Acid.jpg

Sodium Bicarbonate

CAS No: 5949-29-1

Source from our associate's companies in Germany, China, Egypt, and Thailand.

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Caustic Soda

CAS No: 1310-73-2

Source from our associate's companies in Belgium, Saudi Arabia, France and Chaina.

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CAS No: 7704-34-9

We supply all types of Sulphur be it granules or lumps, etc., are direct sourcing from our associate in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iran, & Turkey.



CAS No: 85536-14-7

Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid (LABSA) source from our associate's companies in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, China, Jordan, and Spain.

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We sell all forms of & kind of Urea be it prills, granules, pellets, crystals, and solutions. Source from our associate's companies in Russia, Egypt, China & India.

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Consistently Supplying Throughout the Year

Metal Products

Directly from Smelter/Manufacturer



We can supply all types of Copper Cathode, Rods, Bars, Wire, Pipe, Millburry, etc. directly from Smelters, manufacturer from Africa, Chile, Peru, etc.



All Types & Grade

Deals in all types of Aluminum be it ingots, billets, coil, bar, sheet, cable, cast, wire, engine blocks, wheels, sections, UBC, 6063, 6061, HE9, etc, from US, Canada, Europe, Thailand, etc. throughout the year.



Any Form

We can supply all types of Zinc in the form of billets, rods, bars, wire, Pipe, Millburry, etc. directly from Smelters, manufacturer from Africa, US, Australia, Mexico, Chile, Peru, etc.



All Types & Grade

Premium quality steel billets of variable length,profile and chemistry with the flexibility to adjust cutting lengths to meet customer specifications based on their reheating furnace dimensions.




You can source from us recycled Lead Billets from 2,5 kg to 3,5 kg. Lead billets are available from Mexico, Peru, China, US & Australia.




Best quality of refined Silver bars sourced directly from our manufacturing partners from Russia, Argentina, Bolivia, US, Chile, Peru.


Experience Jambo Export

Our Buying/Selling Process

At Jambo Export, trust is at the forefront of what we’re working together towards establishing in all deals.

  1. Buyer submits Letter of Intent (LOI)

  2. Seller issues Performa Invoice or FCO mentioning statement to Buyer on price quote, product spec, availability & delivery window.

  3. Buyer returns signed and approved/stamped FCO.

  4. Seller issues Contract with full banking information.

  5. Buyer and Seller sign and exchange contracts. Seller sends to the Buyer hard copies of the Contract for Buyer's signature via official email. Buyer will return signed hard copies of Contract via email, observing, however that email copies are legally binding.

  6. Seller provides Proof of Product.

  7. Buyers transacts as per payment terms.

  8. Shipment commences as per contract.


Payment Term: For buying or selling, we only deal with Irrevocable Letter of Credit (ILOC) or SBLC with Global Top 10 Banks.

We operates in multiple countries with highest professional ethic, experience, combining local expertise and global capabilities to deliver outstanding results for customers, buyers and all stakeholders.

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